Eccentric Images From The Rothschild Surrealist Ball

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On December 12th, 1972, Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild held one of historys most coveted fete. The Parisian society waited eagerly for an invite from the wealthy Rothschild family for their surrealism based evening of extravagance. Guest Baron Alexis de Rede later recalled, Marie Helene proved that she had the flare and imagination to create something unique and worthwhile. Despite considered to be a rather secretive gathering, the images of the occasion have surfaced on the web.

Lateral Invitations

Baroness Marie-Helene planned extensively to keep with the theme. A mirror was required to read the laterally inverted text of the invitations, which specified a dress code of black ties, long dresses & surrealist heads.

Chateau de Ferrieres

Johnny Depps fans will recognize Chateau de Ferrieres from Roman Polanskis movie The Ninth Gate. For the surrealist ball, the Rothschild manor appeared ablaze as it was floodlit with moving vermilion amber lights.



This old photograph captures Baroness Marie-Helene in conversation with Baron Alexis de Rede. Being a committed aesthete, Baron Alexis de Rede enjoyed the challenge of the hosts theme based costume.

Crafted by Artists

Baron Alexis de Rede commissioned Salvador Dali to create his two-faced mask for the surrealist ball.

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