5 New Technologies You’ll See in Your Car Over the Next 5 Years

The immense Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) during the first week of January. The event gathers the worlds top, up-and-coming, and wildly hopeful producers of phones, drones, and everything in between. It also demonstrates the pervasive creep of connectivity into our everyday lives and objects. This year featured connected breadmakers, padlocks, sunglasses, and shiatsu massage chairs.

Since the fully self-driving car is likely—in whatever decade it actually arrives—to be the site of the largest-scale integration of artificial intelligence and connectivity in our daily lives, the auto industry is also present at CES in full force. After wandering for days through the two million square feet of displays at the LVCC, and chatting with myriad entrepreneurs and disruptors, we’ve culled this list of five radical technologies scheduled to make your personal or ride-shared vehicle (and yourself) smarter during the next half-decade.

Remember, the future is literally a dream, an evanescent prognostication based mainly on our collective hopes and fears. So if these things don’t appear in your car by 2024, it’s not because they weren’t good ideas. It’s because they were supplanted by other, more attractive, ephemeral notions.