8 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

So you’re tired of your old kitchen and you want to give it an update? Your cabinets can cost up to 40% of your remodel budget. Better plan to spend $15,000 to $45,000. 

Not ready to spend that kind of cash? Then we have good news for you! You can do a DIY kitchen cabinet makeover without breaking the bank by committing to a full remodel project. 

We have 8 creative solutions to help you get the ideas flowing for your kitchen. 

1. Rustic Chicken Wire 

Consider going full rustic by adding chicken wire to your cabinets. Start by taking your cabinet doors off of your cabinets. 

Then measure out a square/rectangle space in the center of your cabinets. You will then use a jigsaw to cut out the shape. 

Next, cut your chicken wire to be slightly larger than the hole. Use a nail cut to attach the wire to the cabinet door. 

If you want a more finished look you can buy some trim pieces to use on the door. Lay the trim down over the edge of the chicken wire. Then nail down the trim to hold the chicken wire in place. 

2. Paint Them a New Color 

Don’t be afraid to paint your kitchen cabinets white. This color has always been favored and you can be confident that it won’t ever go out of favor. 

If you want cabinets that make more of a statement then go for a bold color. While if your kitchen needs lightening up consider a lighter shade of the bold color you want. 

You can get more info from textbook painting if you are struggling to decide what color you should paint your cabinets.  

Get Creative 

Don’t think you can only paint the entire cabinet. You could paint just the inside of your cabinets for a fun pop of color when you open your cabinet door.

Or you could paint accent trim on your cabinet doors. Tape off a square pattern on the face of the door. Then paint only within the taped off section. 

Finally, there is no rule that says you have to paint all of your cabinets to match. Consider painting one cabinet as an accent. Or you could paint your top cabinets one color and the bottom cabinets another. 

3. Wrap up the Inside  

Sure painting the inside of your cabinets could look nice. But what about adding some extra visual interest by adding a pattern? 

Painting a pattern will take forever and be virtually impossible to get right. Instead, buy some contact paper or wrapping paper that has a bold design you like. 

Now cut it to the right size to cover the back of the cabinets, the shelves, and the front of the shelves. For an even bolder look, paint the rest of the cabinets a color to match the paper. 

The best part about this project is that it is easy to change out the paper. 

4. Take off the Doors

Open up your kitchen by taking the doors off of your cabinets. Cabinets tend to close in the visual space of your kitchen.

By taking the doors off you make the space seem bigger by making the visual sightline go further by going into the cabinets.  To make the kitchen feel even more welcoming try painting the inside of the cabinets a bright color. 

This will help make the shelving seem less like a dark black hole. 

5. Add New Hardware

Sometimes all it takes is a small update to make a big impact. Old and outdated hardware is a small thing but an instant signal to people of just how old your kitchen is. 

Go for something that looks more modern like elongated stainless steel pulls. This will pair well with kitchens that have clean lines. 

Another modern trend is to go purposefully vintage. Look for hardware that has unique painted designs

Brass and copper are the metals of choice these days. Mixing metals is also on trend, so don’t be afraid to try one of these even if the rest of your kitchen fixtures are a different metal finish. 

6. Interior Curtains 

If your cabinets already have glass inserts, you can give them a country cafe look by adding fabric to the backside. Start by buying a brightly colored fabric. 

Something floral or checked works well for this project. You’ll want enough to cover the windows and make “ties”. 

Start by folding the fabric into one-inch pleats. Then staple it along the top and bottom of the glass. Give it a finished look by “cinching” the curtain in the middle with your fabric strip tie.  

7. Decorative Door Cutouts

If you are skilled with a jigsaw you could add some decorative cutouts to your cabinet doors. This method is a “less is more” type of makeover. 

It is easiest to keep the design simple as you’ll need to cut out the design by hand. Also, keep in mind the style of the rest of your kitchen. 

For a more rustic kitchen, you could do a flower. While for a more elegant kitchen you could do a fleur de lis.

If you’ve never used a jigsaw before, now is not the time to learn. This project can go very wrong quick if you don’t know what you are doing. 

8. Add Trim to the Doors 

Are your current cabinet doors a plain flat design? Give those doors some design interest by adding trim. 

Head to your local hardware store and you’ll find plenty of trim options from a plain square to curved, to rope designs. Then find a good quality glue and follow its directions to attach the trim to the doors. 

Then to finish off the look you’ll need to paint the entire door so that the trim color matches the door color. 

If you want a fancier look, buy gingerbread appliques. These pieces come in all kinds of styles and can easily be glued to the doors. 

DIY Your Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Doing a DIY kitchen cabinet makeover can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Just be realistic about your budget and skill level. 

If you are looking for something quick and easy then lining your cabinets or changing out the hardware is the way to go. If you want to commit to a bigger project, then look into painting or adding trim or cutouts. 

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