Boho Macrame Wall Hanging + Secret Storage!!

This cute boho inspired DIY macrame, wood, and brass wall decor has a secret! It doubles as storage for your glasses!! In this post I’m going to show you step by step how to make your own in less than 15 minutes!

Hey hey!! I am so excited to share today’s project! I feel like the last 2 years we’ve been in the thick of renovations and doing big/structural/forever projects, and while that is fun, there is seriously no better feeling than doing a quick DIY that looks like a million bucks!

My partners for this project Zenni (you’ve heard of Zenni right? Killer prescription glasses at insanely low prices? Like $10 low 😱!) challenged me to create a storage solution for 10 pairs of their cute glasses and man it felt great to get the creative juices flowing again! So glasses storage, what does that look like?! We obviously were not going to go the optician office route. My first thought was to do some sort of box, but that seemed kind of meh. The next idea was to do a mini version of my giant pegboard, but it just didn’t feel right. I needed something more special.

What I ultimately came up with is something that looks like art, but can double as storage. We are checking allll the form + function boxes today friend!

Supplies You’ll Need:

18″ Quilting Hoop (You will only be using the interior hoop for this project!)
Brass Tubing
22 Gauge Wire
3/16″ Cotton Cord Rope (10 yards)

Tools You’ll Need:

Pipe Cutter
Drill + 1/8″ Bit
Small Level
Hammer + Small Nails

Step 1: Cut your pipe

Using your pipe cutter, or a metal cut off blade on your saw, cut your brass pipe to the following lengths (2) 24″ and (4) 20″ . If you use a saw blade, you’ll probably need to clean up the rough edges a little. Be aware that they can have little burrs on them that are sharp!

Step 2: Drill Through Your Hoop

We want to create 2 parallel lines with our ” brass pipe through the hoop. The easiest way to do this is to mark and drill one side of the hoop.

Then slide your tube through to the other side and using the level mark where the second hole needs to be drilled. Our pipe is 1/8″ so that is the size of the drill bit that you will want to use!

To mark your second set of holes, measure up from the first hole 6″ and mark. Then repeat the first step where you drill the hole, use the level, mark and drill the second hole. The distance should be the same between the sets of holes.

Step 3: Make the Brass Triangles

In step 3 you are going to use the remaining pieces of brass to create triangles. Thread your wire through all 3 pieces, twist them together and push the wire tails back into the pipe. This is a really important step, if you just trim them they wont have enough strength to hold the weight and shape of our piece, especially when it’s loaded up with all of the cute glasses from Zenni!

Step 4: Cut the Rope

Cut the rope for your macrame into 18″ pieces

Step 5: Add the Rope

Adding the rope for macrame is SO EASY! Fold your rope in half, place the folded section over the top of the brass tube (from the front, folding over the back)

Pull the rope through the loop that was created when you folded it and tighten it against the brass pipe! Ta Da!!! You’re basically a macrame maven!

Repeat 9 times.

*Optional* Cut the 4 outside pieces 24″ long and tie some basic knots to add more detail to the front of your piece!

Step 6: Hang!

When you are hanging your piece, you’ll want to hang it from the top triangle, and also add a nail just under the horizontal brass piece that is holding the rope to keep it from sagging a little.

You can add up to 16 pairs of glasses to your piece and believe me when you see all of the awesome frames that Zenni has you’re going to die. When you see that you can order 10 pairs for the price you would spend on a single pair elsewhere you miiiiight go a little overboard like I did. They just released a bunch of new styles, and if you are on the hunt for some fun tortoise shell frames, they have got SO MANY GOOD ONES!

Happy making!