Howdy Neighbor: What Makes a Neighborhood Good? 4 Qualities to Look for When Moving

‘A house is not a home,’ so says the title of the famous Burt Bacharach song. And he makes a good point. It’s people who turn bricks and mortar into a warm place to live. 

The same goes for your neighborhood. It’s the residents who live there and the resources available that can make a neighborhood good.

Once you’ve worked out how much you can afford to buy, it should then be about the location. If you can find something you like aesthetically too, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

To help you, here are the top four qualities to look for in your new neighborhood.

1. A Sense of Pride Makes a Neighborhood Good

Whatever the demographics of the neighborhood, it’ll be obvious if the people living there have a sense of pride. That will mean that homes are maintained well. The streets will be tidy. Your instinct will tell you if the neighborhood is loved or not.

A sense of belonging will also be evident. Residents will want to connect and share. Look out for local groups which come together to make sure there’s a watchful eye on the general environment.

If there is a low crime rate people are likely to be less stressed. A decline in crime could signal the neighborhood is on the up.  

2. Back to School

If you’re a family with children, a good school is going to be right up there in the things that make a great neighborhood. It’s really important to check out all the schools info for the area you want to live in.

Great schools also help make the area surrounding more sought after, and that keeps property values strong. It also increases the likelihood of a quick resale should you ever need one.

Schools are one part of the equation. Activities for children and adults are another plus. Parks with sports facilities are going to make the neighborhood far more attractive.

3. Good Public Transportation

If there’s great access to public transportation, it’ll add instant value to your home. That doesn’t just mean in the financial sense. Being able to commute easily from home on the train or bus is one of the first things people look for.

Good restaurants and shops often go hand in hand with good public transportation. It all adds to the convenience and ambiance of the local area. Movie theaters and bars could be what breathes life into your neighborhood. 

4. Medical Services

Although we all need access to medical services, older residents should make this a top priority. Good healthcare is also vital for families with young children. Being able to get to a hospital or doctor’s office quickly is a key quality for any neighborhood. 

Older neighborhoods may not only have added charm, but they may also have an established infrastructure. That could mean a wealth of amenities, including healthcare facilities.

Neighborhood Qualities

Choosing where to live starts with finding out what makes a neighborhood good or not. Sort that out, and you won’t go far wrong.

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