Love Your Status: A Different Kind of Happily Ever After

During this month of cupids, hearts, and think pieces about dating in the digital era, we’re dedicating the month of February to the messier ways we’ve found love and all the detours along the way.

February’s theme is Love Your Status. It is an ode to the person who saves themselves and then writes their own version of happily ever after.  

We came up with this idea for February after talking internally about what it feels like to fall into one of the many categories that doesn’t always sum up society’s general rule for doing relationships “right.”

After talking internally, we realized we were all marching towards the same goal: marriage. But why? And why does society put pressure on us that heterosexual marriage is the end-all-be-all and something we should all achieve? Which got us to thinking, what’s wrong with not wanting marriage at all? Or being in another kind of relationship altogether?

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with either option but even if you’re in a loving and committed relationship, the lack of legal paperwork (or sometimes even having this paperwork) seems to draw all sorts of criticism from people who have no business giving you their opinion about how to live your life. From there, we went deeper into the topic and really let our contributors (and myself) run with all the times we learned more about ourselves from owning what is best for us when it comes to coupling up (or not) and finding not just the silver lining but freedom and confidence in who and how we find love in our lifetime.

What can you expect to read this month? Here are some topics we look forward to discussing on Wit & Delight this February: 

  • Love Your Status: I’m Single and Happy!
  • He Said/She Said: How Having Kids Changes Your Relationship
  • How Do We Break the Stereotypes We’ve Created for Ourselves?
  • This is How You Find Yourself Divorced at 27 After Only 11 Months of Marriage
  • Owning the Ebb & Flow of Your Relationship
  • Finding Myself as a Single Woman in her 40s
  • Keys to Maintaining a Happy Relationship

#LoveYourStatus isn’t a rah-rah cheer for finding your perfect someone. It’s about putting yourself before others expectations of you, setting boundaries, finding peace, clarity, and strength in owning your #status and what that means for you in 2019. Maybe you need room for grief, celebration, transition, or self-care. Maybe you are ready to say goodbye to #singledom or maybe you’re inviting it back into your life after deciding to leave your marriage. Maybe you’re dating yourself, or maybe you’re ready to get heart broken again.

Whatever your status, whatever happened to bring you here, this month is about owning it all and not apologizing for any of it. Unless you owe one to yourself.

We will also be sharing a great round-up of articles curated around our monthly theme and a couple of our most loved articles from the archives. What topics would you like to see discussed? We’re all ears and ready to tackle them!

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