The 5 Best Robotic Vacuums of 2018

The robotic housekeepers that The Jetsons promised us aren’t a part of the future we live in. But there are adorable voice-controlled, oversize hockey pucks that clean our floors. This year’s crop of robotic vacuums are even smarter, thanks to many manufacturers adding native support for Amazon’s and Google’s voice-control platforms. Meaning, you can set up a routine where the vacuum will begin its duties once the smart lock on the front door activates after you leave for work. Or you can just yell at your house to start cleaning itself while you’re making dinner. It’s up to you. Clever tricks like room mapping, control via mobile apps, and creating wireless “no go” zones make the latest models feel a little more futuristic, too. One unit in particular will even empty itself automatically. No, the vacuums below aren’t Rosie the Robot, but they’re as close as we’ll get for now.