The 8 Best Buildings Completed in 2018

In the world of architecture, 2018 was a fruitful year. Skylines expanded, famous works of art found homes on the walls of newly completed museums, and, finally, a memorial was built to honor and acknowledge victims of lynching in the United States. At its best, architecture answers a call to any given environment at any given time. Yet what makes some buildings better than others is a sense of timelessness. As the brilliant Bjarke Ingles once quipped, “Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives.” From a museum for the St. Louis Arch by Cooper Robertson to Snøhetta’s new Calgary Public Library, the structures erected in 2018 proved that our culture is one that is steadfast in preserving the past while hellbent on implementing the technologies of the future. And while it’s never easy to narrow down a list of the best buildings completed in any given year, we believe these eight are about as strong of a grouping as they come.