5 Important Rules Out of the Box Homes Follow

More often than not, the homes I find the most inspiration from are the totally unique and out of the box spaces. They have that special twinkle of character to them, tons of texture, and despite being a little weird they just work. You know what I’m talking about, the type of originality where you find yourself murmuring – Wow, how can I get my home to feel that special? Well, I put some thought into this important design question and it turns out that charm can be found and inserted into your home in many different ways. The biggest takeaway? Let your own unique freak flag fly when it comes to decorating. NO RULES NEED APPLY! (Well, maybe just a few!) Read more below to learn all about what makes these avant-garde homes so memorable.

Rule One: Think before you remove that weird fireplace, pink toilet or funky floor tile. Some of the coolest homes take what would traditionally be seen as an eyesore and turn them into a unique design element or focal point.

Rule Two: Use mementos, art, and collection as decor. Not only does it instantly make your home totally unique to you, but these little bits and bobs can also be arranged and displayed much like you would approach traditional staging with decor pieces with an instantly authentic look.

Rule Three: Layer, layer, layer. This is the most common design trick I see in these super cool spaces. Rugs on top of rugs, artwork stacked in front of one another, books overlapping with gemstones and sculptures and other found items that have no relation to one another.

Rule Four: Take traditional design principles to the extreme. If you have tall ceilings, amplify them with HUGE trees, create an amazing tapestry from a vintage piece of cloth, or turn that weird ’70s sectional into the backdrop for a collection of wacky pillows.

Rule Five: Embrace color and pattern. Don’t be afraid to play with colors that traditionally create tension: purples and yellows, greens and reds, blues and orange. It’s a really simple way to bring energy and vibrancy. My favorite spaces achieve this through a sea of pattern, mixing bohemian rugs with retro pillows and Victorian-era coffee tables.

Stand-out Furniture Pieces

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Amazing Textiles and Other Art

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Miscellaneous Living Room Decor

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