National Random Acts of Kindness Day: How We Can Give Back

These days, I often find myself forgoing the morning news as I get ready or skimming headlines as I page through the paper. Subconsciously, I realize my privilege has granted me the ability to take a moment of pause when overwhelmed by the disheartening realities covered by the press and media. Consciously, I’m working daily to confront the realities of injustice, discourse and divisive rhetoric we face today. And just when I feel like I can’t swallow the truth of another devastating disaster or tragic event, I remember the times I’ve witnessed the good in people. And today is one of those days where we encourage one another to remember the power of small acts of kindness, and why they’re so important in giving us the strength needed to continue to care for our communities– for humanity– with the same compassion we hold for those we love dearly. 

Each year, the 17th of February marks Random Acts of Kindness Day, also known as #RAKDay. From simply smiling at a stranger to checking in with an old friend, no act of kindness is too big or too small.

Kindness to a stranger is a kindness to you. It can shine a bright spot, no matter how small, when we need it most. 

Join us in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day today and every day by being kind to the world around us. For some kind-acts-inspo, we’ve listened to a few of our favorite ways to show kindness below.

      • Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
      • Make someone laugh, even if it’s yourself
      • Put your money towards causes that need it
      • Cook a warm meal for someone
      • Say thank you, and mean it
      • Stop and pet a puppy
      • Open a door for others
      • Call someone by name if they are wearing a name tag
      • Send a text to someone you haven’t seen in a while
      • Ask “How are you?” and truly listen to their response
      • Overtip (if you can!)
      • Tell someone you appreciate them
      • Do the dishes without being asked
      • Fill up someone’s car with gas
      • Support a local business
      • Send a love letter
      • Teach someone a new skill
      • Bring a co-worker coffee
      • Donate old clothes and unused items
      • Volunteer in your community
      • Babysit (free of charge)
      • Send a funny meme
      • Tell someone they’re doing a good job

Our first act of kindness for the day… Enjoy a free downloadable print designed by yours truly!

We want to hear how you’re celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day!